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  Technical Credits  

This list represents some of the full length projects we have worked on and does
not include commercials or performance demos:


Back To Back Hall Of Fame Polkas Walter Ostanek & Guests Grammy Nominated

Polkas United Gaylord Klancnik & Walter Ostanek Grammy Nominated

Putting It All Together Walter Ostanek Grammy Nominated

One Look LynnMarie Grammy Nominated

Squeezebox LynnMarie Grammy Nominated

Good Time Polkas and Waltzes Walter Ostanek Grammy Nominated

Yearning For Polkas and Waltzes Walter Ostanek Grammy Nominated

Let's Dance Walter Ostanek Grammy Nominated

Good Friends Good Music Walter Ostanek & Fred Ziwich Grammy Nominated

Dueling Polkas Walter Ostanek & The Western Senators Grammy Nominated

Time Out Walter Ostanek & Ron Sluga Grammy Nominated

Just For You Walter Ostanek & Bob Kravos Grammy Nominated

Cars Disney Motion Pictures 2006 Summer Blockbuster Release

Gaylord Klancnik Gaylord Klancnik PACE Slovenian CD Of The Year Award Winner

Polka Fever Polkas For Charity

Three Ring Circus Alex Meixner

Family Tradition Alex Meixner

Stay All Night Alex Meixner

Stand and Sing Ein Prosit Alex Meixner

Mollie B 2012 Christmas Show CD and DVD All Star Band - RFDtv

Solective Sounds Kevin Solecki

Accordion Italiano Peter Soave

Denis Novato Plays Cleveland Style Denis Novato

Revisited Frank Spetich with The Klancnik and Friends Band

Direct From Nashville Gaylord Klancnik Polka Hall Of Fame Nominated

Third Generation Third Generation Polka Hall Of Fame Nominated

Polkas On Broadway Don Wojtila, Christine Hibbs and Fred Gregorich Polka Hall Of Fame Winner

Polka Celebration Joey Miskulin & Walter Ostanek

Carefree Polkas and Waltzes Walter Ostanek & Guests

Timeless Polkas and Waltzes Walter Ostanek & Guests

Together Again Walter Ostanek and Bob Kravos

The Way It Was Meant To Be Verne and Steve Meisner Recording of the Year

WANTED! Verne Meisner's Lost Gold Verne Meisner

Forever Christmas Steve Meisner

Home For Christmas Walter Ostanek

Happy Sounds of Verne Meisner Verne Meisner

Polkarina Verne Meisner

A Meisner Mini Concert (2 CD) Steve Meisner

All Over It LynnMarie

All-Star Polka Party Deel 1 European Release ( Netherlands )

All-Star Polka Party Live! (2 CD) European Release ( Netherlands )

You’re Something Special Vol.1 Ron Sluga Polka Hall Of Fame Nominated

You’re Something Special Vol.2 Ron Sluga Polka Hall Of Fame Nominated

Carousel Of Favorites Sam DeFazio

Drive Time The Karl Lukitsch Band

Musik Box The Karl Lukitsch Band

A Special Delivery For You Mike Wojtila

Melodies From Beautiful Slovenia Bob Kravos and Joe Bajuk

Reel To Real Eddie Gorse

Jammin' Fairport Jammers

Waltzing Cleveland Style Bob Kravos Polka Hall Of Fame Nominated

Like Father, Like Son
John Lapinski

Studio to Stage Eric Noltkamper

Three Generations
The Al Gruber Band

The New Kid In Town Johnny Koenig

Sweet Polka Dot David Austin


Live! From The Golden Age Of Riders Radio Theater Vol.1 Riders In The Sky

Hawaii Walter Ostanek and Ed Klancnik with “Cowboy” Jack Clement

Need A Little Squeezing Copper Box

Gypsy Djazz The Detroit Swingtet featuring Julien Labro

Jazz Wagon Jazz Wagon featuring Julien Labro

Screaming Bald Ego Screaming Bald Ego

It’s Your Move Kevin Bruce

Jeff Lewis Jeff Lewis

Gospel Favorites Jeff Lewis

Crack Smokin Hooker Terry Grant

Dimestore Freud Dimestore Freud

Second Opinion Dimestore Freud

For Sale Dimestore Freud

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