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Ranch Recordings is a computer based recording, mastering and production studio. We operate with numerous digital platforms and almost limitless plug-ins. Brian O'Boyle and I often work in tandem through our matching, yet separate facilities in Detroit, Michigan (Ranch Recordings) and Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania (Dynamic O. Productions). If you would like to inquire about our most current computers and software, or you would like to discuss our availability and rates, please contact us. Below is a full list of my physical studio items located at Ranch Recordings:

(1) Lawson L251 Gold (Tube with infinite polar patterns and quick change capsule)
(2) Lawson L47 FET (Stereo matched with quick change capsule system)
(1) SE Z3300A
(1) MXL V69 Gold Mogami Edition (Tube with power supply)
(1) Audio Technica 4033
(1) Sennheiser M 441 U
(1) Oktava ML-52 Ribbon Microphone
(1) AKG C451B
(1) AKG C451E
(2) ADK A51 type III
(2) Oktava MC012 (with all available capsules)
(2) Oktava MK219
(1) AKG D112
(8) Shure Beta 57A
(6) Shure SM58
(1) Shure SM57S
(1) Shure 55SH II
(1) EV ND408A
(1) 1956 Astatic vintage condenser with steel housing

(1) Universal Audio LA-610 (Tube preamp, compressor, EQ)
(1) API Lunchbox
(1) API 512C Preamp
(1) Retro Doublewide Variable Gain Compressor
(1) FCS Pico 502 VCA Compressor
(1) Trident S100 (8ch X 6 aux preamp sidecar with British EQ)
(1) Focusrite Octopre Platinum (8ch preamp with 96 kHz AD conversion card)
(1) ART Pro Channel (Tube preamp, compressor, EQ)
(1) Tascam M-1600 16ch X 8 aux with EQ

(2) Mackie HR824 (8” 2-way active)
(2) JBL LSR4326P (6” 2-way active with room correction and test microphone)
(1) JBL LSR4312P (12" 450-watt subwoofer)
(2) Yamaha NS-10M (2-way passive)
(2) JBL L100 Century One (12” 3-way passive)
(1) Ultrasone Proline 750 (Mastering Grade Stereo Headphones)
(1) GK-Music UltraPhones (29db Isolation Headphones)
(1) Sony MDR-7506 (Stereo Headphones)
(1) AKG K240S (Stereo Headphones)
(1) Pioneer HDJ-1000 (Stereo Headphones)
(1) 1980 Koss (Stereo Headphones)
(2) Audio Technica ATH-M3X (Stereo Headphones)
(1) Rane Mojo 4ch Headphone Amp
(1) Bryston 3B stereo amplifier (for NS-10s)

(1) RME Fireface 800 (26X26 AD/DA converter and Firewire 800 interface)
(1) Presonus Central Station master studio signal router
(1) Presonus Central Station CSR-1 remote with talkback
(1) Frontier Tranzport (wireless controller with jogwheel)
(1) Presonus Faderport (motorized 100mm fader)
(1) Tascam FireOne (Firewire controller with jogwheel)

(1) Alesis Masterlink ML-9600 96 kHz Hard Disk / CD / CD24 stereo digital recorder
(4) Tascam DA-38 8 track DTRS digital recorder
(1) Tascam RC848 Remote Control with jog wheel
(1) Alesis ADAT XT 20 bit 8 track digital recorder
(1) Alesis ADAT Remote Locator
(1) Panasonic SV3800 Stereo DAT digital recorder
(1) Harmon Kardon 2 deck CDR duplicator
(1) Denon 78/45/33.3 turntable with direct digital outputs
(1) TEAC ¼” reel to reel Stereo / 4 track analog recorder

(1) Digitech TSR24S 24 bit sampling effects processor
(1) ART Proverb Digital Delay
(1) Aphex Stereo Compressor
(1) Aphex Aural Exciter Type C
(1) BBE 862 Sonic Maximizer
(1) DBX 2215 Stereo Graphic EQ
(1) DBX 2231 Stereo Graphic EQ
(1) Ashley 3101 Mono Graphic EQ
(1) Fostex 16ch line mixer
(2) Furman PL-Plus Power Conditioner with voltmeter
(2) Furman M8 Power Conditioner
(3) 48 pt TRS Patchbays
(2) ProCo Direct Box
(1) Boss DB-66 analog metronome

All critical wiring (Speakers, Main, Cue, Patchbay) is Mogami Neglex Studio Gold
Additional recording cables and accessories:
(4) 20’ Mogami Neglex Studio Gold XLR cable
(1) 50’ Mogami Neglex Studio Gold XLR cable
(2) 25’ Mogami Neglex Studio Gold 1/4” right angle instrument cable
(1) 50’ ProCo Gold Series XLR cable
(1) ProCo 100’ SM Series 16X4 snake
(1) ProCo 50’ SM Series 8X4 snake
(12) Whirlwind 25’ XLR cable
(12) Musicians Friend 20’ XLR cable
(8) Whirlwind 25’ instrument cable
(8) Proline 12' SPDIF cable
(18) TRS, DB25, and RCA snakes (20' - 50')
(36) TRS patch cables
(1) Auralex GRAMMA subwoofer isolation attenuator
(1) Auralex Xpanders isolation toolkit
(1) Auralex Mopad monitor isolation set
(2) Atlas SB36W 62”-73” chrome boom microphone stand
(2) On-Stage 40”-82” black boom microphone stand
(12) On-Stage tripod standard black boom microphone stand
(2) Proline short telescoping boom microphone stand
(1) Atlas short telescoping boom microphone stand
(1) Chrome short boom microphone stand
(3) LP drum rim microphone clamp
(1) SE SERF Reflexion Filter
(1) SE IRF Instrument Reflexion Filter
(1) Pop filter with gooseneck
(6) On-Stage height adjustable black studio monitor stand
(2) Fender standard height bar stool
(1) Gibson short acoustic guitar stool

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