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Prime Time Polkas Link
Pam and Jerry Zagar maintain one of the most current and comprehensive polka web sites that there is! Here you can learn about the most recent CD releases and download their past radio shows. Based just outside of Pittsburgh, there is also an events calendar that posts all of the polka events that are taking place in the area.


247 Logo Link
This web site streams several different internet radio shows. There are numerous IJs that specialize in various ethnic styles and formats. 24/7 Polka Heaven is the original and most popular online polka radio station.


AOL Polka Channel
This is a full time streaming broadband polka channel. Launched in the summer of 2009, the free service plays all genres of polka music and has limited commercial interuptions.
Click here to listen to the channel


Polka Connection Link
Chuck Stastny's Polka Connection is an online marketplace that offers CDs from a wide variety of polka artists and genres. If you are interested in purchasing a specific album, then chances are Chuck has it in stock.


Joey Miskulin Link
Musicwagon Productions is owned and operated by Joey Miskulin. He has worked with names like Shania Twain, Garth Brooks, Dolly Parton, U2 and Johnny Cash. Joey has also produced songs for Disney / Pixar films as well as their theme parks. Originally a sideman with Frank Yankovic, Joey Miskulin is a true professional and has been a close friend to the Klancnik family.


Kevin Solecki Link
Kevin Solecki is an accomplished solo accordionist based out of Pittsburgh, PA. Originally from Detroit, Kevin played accordion with the Polka Family Band for many years, and can now be found performing shows in Western Pennsylvania and around the Midwest.


Peter Soave Link
Peter Soave is a four-time world champion accordionist who has performed with countless symphony orchestras all over the world. Now a resident of France, Peter continues to play concerts and run clinics with his wife, Madi, in Europe and the United States. His classical accordion technique truly has no equal.


Walter Ostanek Link
Walter Ostanek is commonly referred to as "Canada's Polka King." He has won 3 Grammys and also received the prestigous "Order of Canada" Award. Walter has been performing polka music for over 50 years and continues to entertain people across Canada, the United States, and Europe.


Polka Party Express
Jack "Wackie Jackie" Zolnierowski has a weekly radio show on WMNF in Tampa, Florida. It is a 70,000 watt FM station and Jack was voted their "Programmer of the Year" in 2008. "Wackie Jackie" is a cool guy who really understands polka music, and he works harder than any other polka DJ I have ever met.


Wisconsin Polka Music

Tom Brusky maintains this web site that deals primarily with the polka scene in the state of Wisconsin. It is current, interactive, and very in-depth. If you like polkas and live in Wisconsin, then you really need to bookmark this fantastic site.


Polka America Corporation

The Polka America Corporation is a non-profit organization who works to support and develop all types of polka music in the United States. To accomplish their goals, P.A.C. is currently involved with businesses and schools as well as individual musicians and supporters.



Polka HOF Link
The National Cleveland Style Polka Hall of Fame is located in Euclid, Ohio. It has a gift shop, various photos and memorabilia, and plaques of it's inductees. They have an extensive amount of CDs for sale and are responsible for the annual awards show that is held Thanksgiving weekend in Cleveland, Ohio.


Polkas NL Link
This site from The Netherlands is maintained by Jon Haspar. It is easily the most in depth and historical web site associated with the Cleveland style of polka music. There are music clips, images, and biographies for the majority of artists from this genre. If you are interested in this style of music then you need to visit this site.


Polka Jammer Network
The Polka Jammer Network features several talented IJs that have individual polka shows. Primarily polish in formatting, several shows play a variety of music.


Jimmy K Link

Jimmy K is the bandleader of "Ethnic Jazz" and his site offers a tremendous amount of CDs for sale. Specializing in the Polish field, Jimmy also carries several releases from other polka styles.


Alex Meixner Link
Alex Meixner puts on one of the greatest shows in all of polka music. He performs across a wide variety of genres and sings in several languages. Now living in Florida, Alex plays a myriad of instruments, teaches at various schools, and travels all over the United States. Alex Meixner is often referred to as "the hardest working man in polka music."


Julien Labro Link
Julien Labro is really pushing the musical boundaries of the accordion. Through his studies at Wayne State University, his playing is continuously evolving and his approach is becoming more unique. A winner of countless awards, Julien Labro represents the pinnacle of accordion prowess.


Steve Meisner Link
Steve Meisner is the benchmark for polka music in the state of Wisconsin and beyond. His accordion sound and trademark vocals are instantly recognizable, and the song selections at his live shows are very diversified. Steve has appeared on television, film, and has recorded several CDs.


Nancys Place Link
Nancy's Place for Polkas ( offers an in depth CD sale catalog, band bios, and other information. Maintained by Nancy Noltkamper, there are also links to polka record labels and various other sites including the Eric Noltkamper Band.


Al Meixner Music
Al Meixner offers CDs for sale of several styles of polka music. He runs a mail order catalog business that gets distributed several times a year. Al is also a very talented musician and recording engineer.


Slovenian Melodies

Slovenian Melodies was originally founded by Frankie Spetich Sr. over 20 years ago. Based in Akron, Ohio, this radio show plays the best in Cleveland-Style and Slovenian polka music. AJ Hite is a young and talented DJ who has continued on the legacy of this show.



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