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  News Archives  

August 2010
After looking back on a great summer season of shows, we would like to thank the following people who helped support the KNF Band by booking or sponsoring our live performances: Brian Sklar, Casino Regina, the Saskatchewan Gaming Commission, Jason Cadez, SNPJ Lodge 138, Prime Time Polkas, the Koch family, the Meisner family, Rick & Ellie Hartman, the Great Lakes Folk Festival, the Michigan State University Museum, and the City of East Lansing.

June 2010
The graphic design and layout packages have just been finished for two new Walter Ostanek CD releases. "The Two Of Us" is a project that he recorded with America's Polka King, Frankie Yankovic, before his death over a decade ago. The second one is titled "A Holiday In Mexico" and features several polkas and waltzes with a mexican theme. Both projects are available online through Sunshine Diversified Entertainment.

March 2010
It has just been announced that the KNF Band will be performing at Tony Petkovsek's 49th annual Thanksgiving Cleveland-Style Polka Extravaganza. Our set is on Thursday (Thanksgiving) night, but the festival runs for three days and features the National Cleveland Style Polka Hall of Fame Awards Show on Saturday afternoon. Through the years this event has always been a great time, and it is held at the exclusive Downtown Cleveland Marroitt at Key Center hotel.

March 2010
The Klancnik and Friends Band will be performing in Western Pennsylvania during the last weekend of June, 2010. On Saturday, June 26th, we are appearing from 4-8 p.m. at S.N.P.J. Lodge 138 (Pioneers) in Strabane. The following afternoon, KNF will be playing the 4th annual Prime Time Polka Picnic at the S.N.P.J. Evanstown Picnic Grounds near Herminie. We would especially like to thank Jason Cadez and Pam & Jerry Zagar for making these events happen.

March 2010
We are happy to announce that our Gaylord Klancnik tribute album has been voted the "Best Slovenian CD" by the PACE Music Awards for 2010. It was sponsored by the non-profit group, Polka America Corporation, and is listed as being a combination peer and fan award. Founded in response to the Grammys discontinuing the Polka category, the PACE Music Award recipients were initially nominated by approved polka industry experts and then each individual category was narrowed down to ten finalists. The final ballots were ultimately cast by genre experts, P.A.C. members, and the general public. For more information about the Polka America Corporation, or to view the winners in each category, visit

February 2010
The Klancnik and Friends Band will be performing August 13-15, 2010 at the Great Lakes Folk Festival in East Lansing, Michigan. This multi-cultural music festival is produced by the Michigan Traditional Arts Program at the Michigan State University Museum. There are groups representing several styles of traditional American folk music including Cajun, Blues, Mariachi, Irish, and many others. Originally sponsored by the National Council for the Traditional Arts, this festival is designed to showcase some of the many art forms whose immigrant origins have contributed to the cultural diversity of the United States. To learn more about this unique festival, visit

February 2010
The KNF Band will have the honor of playing a private party for Steve and Barb Meisner's 25th Wedding Anniversary on July 31st in Whitewater, Wisconsin. Everyone will also be celebrating Austin Meisner's High School graduation. It should be noted that Gaylord Klancnik took many of their wedding photos back in 1985!

October 2009
We are happy to announce that the Klancnik and Friends Band will be performing May 15-16, 2010 at the Third Annual Polkafest in Regina, Saskatchewan. The event is held at the "Casino Regina" and we will be alternating with The Western Senators, as well as Canada's Polka King, Walter Ostanek. We would like to thank our friend, Brian Sklar, for his continued efforts in the promotion of quality polka music in western Canada!

September 2009
The nominations for the 2009 National Cleveland Style Polka Hall Of Fame Awards Show have been posted and we are happy to announce that our Gaylord Klancnik CD is up for "Recording of the Year." In addition to this, Brian O'Boyle has been nominated for "Musician of the Year" and Pam & Jerry Zagar are in contention for the "Support and Promotion" category. The annual awards show takes place on November 28th in Cleveland, Ohio. For more information on how to become a voting member, please visit

September 2009
Canada's Polka King, Walter Ostanek, has released his new CD which is entitled "Timeless" Polkas and Waltzes. I did the graphic design, and the Klancnik and Friends Band is once again featured on two tracks. "Lou's Polka" was composed by Fred Gregorich as a tribute to the late Lou Rosenburger. He was Fred's bass player and close friend, and was also lost in a car accident on December 19th (the same day as Gaylord Klancnik). "Look My Way" was written by Dorothy Srnick (Phil Srnick's mom) and it is the first time that Brian Wiater has had a vocal performance on a Walter Ostanek project. Eric Stehle played the saxophone and clarinet on the vast majority of the CD, which is also the first time he has made an appearance as well.

September 2009
I have just finished the graphic design for the new Fairport Jammers CD. The group is based in Fairport Harbor, Ohio and the artwork uses several images that include their local lighthouse, Slovenian and American flags, a button box, and an accordion. The instruments in the design were my father's, and were basically used as stock images.

August 2009
Brian O'Boyle and I have officially begun production on the new Klancnik and Friends CD. The project will feature the members of the KNF Band, exclusively, and it will also showcase several original polkas that we have been working on. If all goes well, the album will be released sometime during the spring of 2010.

August 2009
On August 2, 2009 Jack "Wackie Jackie" Zolnierowski will be doing a two hour tribute show of Gaylord Klancnik music on 88.5 WMNF in Tampa, Florida. It is a 70,000 watt FM station and Jack was voted their "Programmer of the Year" in 2008. He is a great guy who inderstands polka music and has an excellent show. Coincidentally, August 2nd was Gaylord's birthday. For more information visit:

August 2009
The Klancnik and Friends Band has recorded two cover songs to be released on Walter Ostanek's latest CD. "Look My Way" and "Lou's Polka" will be featured on the album, and I have been contracted to do the artwork as well. "Look My Way" was written by Dorothy Srnick and "Lou's Polka" was composed by Fred Gregorich. It should be noted that Fred wrote the song for his friend, the late Lou Rosenberger, who was lost in a car accident the same day (Dec. 19th) as Gaylord Klancnik. "Look My Way" is the first vocal performance by Brian Wiater to go on a Walter Ostanek project, and this is also the first time that Eric Stehle has recorded saxophone tracks for Walter.

July 2009
Slovenefest was a lot of fun this year. Eric Stehle did a great job filling in with the Eddie Rodick Orchestra and KNF members ended up performing with several other bands each day of the festival. It seems that the size of the younger crowd is growing each year and I hope this is a good sign of things to come. It was also nice to see Michael Kramar again. He is a fantastic young musician from Sacramento, California.

July 2009
The new Alex Meixner CD has officially been released. It is called "Stay All Night" and it has a mixture of polkas and waltzes that were done in several styles. The goal of the project was to emulate Alex's live performances and to feature several of the musicians who have played with him over the past couple of years. Alex is quite a musician and his various influences produced a very eclectic CD. Ranch Recordings tracked the accordion, button box, bass, banjo, and drums during a week of sessions that Alex and I had in February. Brian O'Boyle mixed and mastered this project and he also played accordion on one of the songs.

July 2009
"WANTED - Verne Meisner's Lost Gold" has finally been manufactured. The album has 33 tracks of Verne and his band that were never released before. All of the songs were transferred from old mix reel tapes, and were digitally remastered by Steve Meisner as a tribute to his father. Whitney Meisner and I did the artwork, and it features a unique polycarbonate disk that looks like a vinyl album. The CD is black and grooved with a circular label ring, (similar to a 45rpm single) but it loads and plays just like a standard digital audio Compact Disk.

July 2009
On July 5, 2009 The Klancnik and Friends Band played at the S.N.P.J. Evanstown Picnic grounds in Hermanie, PA. It was the third annual "Prime Time Polka Picnic" and we alternated with the George Suhon band. The crowd was excellent and, as usual, Joe Alsippe did a masterful job filling in on sax. Brian Wiater was forced to wear a Pittsburgh Penguins shirt since he lost a bet when our beloved Red Wings lost game 7 of the Stanley Cup Finals.

June 2009
The final Gaylord Klancnik CD has been fully distributed and is now available through all our various U.S. sales outlets. Over 230 units were sent to DJs and IJs with confirmed radio shows across North America. The album will be released in Europe with different artwork and two of the songs will also be available as a vinyl 2-sided 45rpm single.

June 2009
I have to comment on the Friendly City Polkafest in Johnstown, PA. Every year that I play here, the crowds and comradery between the bands continues to astound me. I can honestly say that this is the only festival I have been associated with where the Polish and Slovenian-style fans, musicians and dancers are completely accepting of one another. I have never seen a 50/50 event like this that is so open minded and seemlessly integrated. I hope Jayne and Polish Bill keep this event going for a long time, because what they have built is a real winner!

May 2009
Bill Seles' Memorial Day festival at Seven Springs, PA has been a fixture in the polka community for 35 years. I have personally played it every year since I was twelve. We had a blast this year, and I was pretty upset when it was announced that this would be the last one. I have since spoken to Bill and there are major changes in the works. If things work out, there may be a new tradition starting to take place in the future.

May 2009
Our trip to The Netherlands was a huge success. It was my third tour, but it was the first time that Brian O'Boyle and Eric Stehle were part of the all-star group. The trip was sponsored by Jelse Vos and, for the first time, John Haspar. We were overseas for 6 days and played two concerts. We also had a jam session party at the radio station in Klazienaveen. This years musical group consisted of Walter Ostanek, Eddie Rodick, Kim Rodick, Ron Likovic, Alex Meixner, Ron Pivovar, Denis Novato, Frank Moravcik, Linda Hocevar, Brian O'Boyle, Eric Stehle, Ed Klancnik, and Phil Srnick. One of the most striking aspects of this tour is the age of the fans. The crowds consisted almost entirely of people in their twenties, and it was refreshing to see how enthusiastic they were towards our style of polka music.

April 2009
On April 19, 2009 The Klancnik and Friends Band played for Pam and Jerry's 12th Anniversary Benefit Dance. We alternated with the Mansfield 5, and their event was held at the S.N.P.J. Club in Sygan, PA. There were several guest musicians on hand, and Kevin Solecki and Johnny Koenig sat in with KNF. Jim Lapinski was our guest vocalist and he did a tremendous job. Jim has a beautiful voice and is married to Don Wojtila's daughter, Christine.

February 2009
The Klancnik and Friends Band had another great time playing at the Illinois Polkafest. Hosted by Bob Doszak, the festival lasts for three days, has two stages, and is held at the Holiday Inn Select in Naperville, IL. We love this gig and it is the only time this year that our fans in Wisconsin and Minnesota can see us perform live without driving for 10 hours. If you like our style of music, then this is something you really need to go to . We always look forward to going back and Bob has already booked KNF for 2010.

February 2009
Our recording of Korbi's Polka is featured on Walter Ostanek's Grammy nominated CD which is called "Back to Back - Hall of Fame Polkas." It did not win, but we were happy to be a part of the project. This was the second of his albums that had a KNF cut on it, and it is the tenth Grammy nominated CD of his that I have worked on.


October 2008
Klancnik and Friends has been nominated for "Band of the Year" by the voters of the National Cleveland Style Polka Hall of Fame. In addition to this, Brian O'Boyle has been nominated for "Musician of the Year" and Pam and Jerry Zagar have been nominated for the "Support and Promotion" category. The awards show takes place on Thanksgiving weekend in Cleveland, Ohio. For information on becoming a member please visit

July 2008
The Klancnik & Friends band's first original single "Black Magic" will be featured on the new "Polkas for Charity" release. The CD is titled "Polka Fever" and features original material from some of the biggest names in American polka music. Artists featured on the project include Jimmy Sturr, Polka Family, Polka Country Musicians, Dynabrass, The Versatones, Freeze Dried, and many others. This is the second album in the "Polkas for Charity" series and the profits are being donated to St. Jude Childrens Hospital in Memphis, Tennessee. For more information and online ordering please visit

June 2008
The new Alex Meixner recording "Family Tradition" has now been delivered. Alex and his father, Al, recorded and mixed the project. Ranch Recordings and Ed Klancnik were responsible for the album mastering and the entire media package artwork. This is Alex's follow up CD to his Grammy nominated project with Bubba Hernandez, "Polka Freak Out."

May 2008
We've just completed the graphic design for Denis Novato's and Joe Rodio's new CD releases. Both projects are being released on the Kravos Recording label and will be coming out in the summer of 2008.

April 2008
KNF's new version of the cover song "Korby's Polka" is slated to be released on the new Walter Ostanek album that is coming out in August 2008. It was written by Frankie Kramer (Kramer's Polka) in the late 1960's and featured one of my mentors, Jack Ponikvar on drums.

March 2008
Ranch Recordings has completed the mastering job for the new Copper Box CD. The album is titled "Need A Little Squeezing" and is available from numerous sources. Danny Jerabak is a phenominal musician and the band is a mix of polka, rock, zydeco and tejano stylings. They were featured in commercials for the national television show "American Band" and the group has developed quite a following among young fans in the upper-midwest and Texas.

January 2008
The Ranch Recordings studio has just undergone a significant equipment overhaul. This upgrade includes microphones, preamps, speakers, cabling, interfaces, computers and media software. The studio now offers gear by names like Universal Audio, Trident, JBL, RME, Presonus and Mogami. This is in addition to a custom set of hand made Lawson microphones which are soon on the way!

November 2007
Gaylord Klancnik has been given the Lifetime Achievement Award by the National Cleveland Style Polka Hall of Fame. The event took place in Euclid, Ohio during Thanksgiving weekend 2007 at Awards Show XX. Joey Miskulin and Jelse Vos presented the award which was accepted by the entire Klancnik family.

August 2007
Our new jazz project that features world-renowned accordionist, Julien Labro, has finally been released. It is called "Jazz Wagon" and showcases some of the best young jazz musicians from the Detroit area. The music is very progressive and it is a quantum leap for the accordion in this genre. For more information on this recording click here.

April 2007
The KNF Band has just recorded 4 tracks for Kevin Solecki's upcoming CD. Kevin was formerly a member of The Polka Family Band and his last project was nominated for a Grammy in 2006. Two of our cuts (Hey There Good Looking and The June Night Waltz) will feature the vocals of Mollie Busta.

March 2007
Joey Miskulin contracted me to do the graphic design for the latest Riders In The Sky album. It is called "LIVE! FROM THE GOLDEN AGE OF RIDERS RADIO THEATRE" and is currently available through their web site:

February 2007
I recently had the honor of playing drums on a session for Disney / Pixar films. This great opportunity was given to me by my pal, Joey Miskulin, and is a polka written by Joey called "Rust-eze Polka!" It is in the animated film "Cars" and was a summer-blockbuster success.

November 2006
I was awarded as "Musician of the Year - Sidemen" for 2006 by The National Cleveland Style Polka Hall Of Fame. This is the second time I've won the award (2003) and I would like to thank all of the members who voted for me.


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