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  Artwork and Media Design  

We have designed artwork layouts for almost every aspect of business marketing. These projects include vector based logos, brochures, product packaging, corporate displays, company presentations, vehicle wraps, web sites, and CD / DVD packages. All of the artwork associated with Ranch Recordings and the Klancnik and Friends Band is done "in house" and in most cases, so is the photography. Here are some examples of other designs that we have done for various clients and friends:


Corporate Logos  
SOA   Big Buck   HFH
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Product Advertising
LS 1
LS 2

CD Covers
    DN Cover     Ostanek Timeless
RITS Cover Polkas On Broadway
AG Cover Gorse CD Cover
VM Cover Johnny Koenig
EN Cover JL Insert
Tray 1
Tray 2
CD Labels
KNF Logo 2     RR Logo 2
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